Permanent Jewelry Bar


Permanent Jewelry at Sapphire and Leo

Offered at select pop-up events, our Permanent Jewelry Bar allows you to choose from a variety of tarnish-free chains and charms to create a bracelet, necklace, or an anklet that fits you perfectly. With a quick "zap", your jewelry will be permanently welded together so you can wear it for years without the hassle of having to take it off!
Celebrate a milestone, birthday, or friendship with our permanent jewelry!


Where is your Permanent Jewelry Bar located?
You can find our Permanent Jewelry Bar at various pop-up events each month. Check our schedule that is posted on our Instagram (@sapphireandleo) to see where we will be at next!
If you would like to schedule a private event, please email us at or send us a DM on instagram!
 Can I wear my permanent jewelry through airport security?
Yes! TSA allows you to wear your jewelry through airport security.
Will the permanent jewelry tarnish if I get it wet?
No! Our chain is tarnish-free, waterproof, and can be worn 24/7. After wearing in the pool or ocean, we recommend rinsing it with soapy water.
What if I want to take my permanent jewelry off?
If you no longer want your jewelry on or if you need to take it off for whatever reason, you can cut the jump ring - we recommend using jewelry flush cutters. Save the chain and we can either re-weld it back onto you in the future or we can add a clasp for a small fee.
What is your repair policy?
We make sure that your jewelry is secured before you leave. However, accidents can happen. If the jump ring breaks off, please reach out and we can re-weld your piece together for free. Other repairs will need to be evaluated and are subject to a $15 repair fee. If chain has been damaged or negated, you may need to purchase a new piece.
We are not responsible for your lost jewelry.